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Lake View Park Islamabad|The Most Beautiful and Activity-Based Park in Islamabad

Lake View Park Islamabad

Lake View Park Islamabad

This park is located on the banks of the Rawal Dam, an artificial water reservoir constructed in 1962 to supply drinking water to the twin towns. During the reign of Ayub Khan, this was an amazing project. Because of the legend surrounding the Rawal Dam, the park is also known as Rawal Lake. The Korang River serves as this dam’s primary source.

This artificial lake, which has an area of 8.8 km2, was created by setting the Korang River and a few other tiny streams that originate in the Margalla Hills. Situated in a remote area near Margalla Hills National Park, Bani Gala, and Village Malpur, Rawal Lake is easily reachable by road via the Srinagar Highway (previously known as Kashmir Highway).

Things to Do in the Park

There are lots of things to do in the park. This makes it the ideal location for visitors to take in the peace and quiet of the city. Families and school groups from all across Pakistan, especially KPK, Jhelum, Attock, Chakwal, and the villages around the motorway, continued to fill the park to nearly capacity.

This park is an international-level entertainment park with amenities including boating, fishing, train rides, a fancy bird aviary, adventure sports including wall climbing, quad bikes on F1 Tracks, picnic areas with dedicated Bar B Q places and grills, and much more.

One of the area’s main draws is a zoo with uncommon bird species. ‘Dera’ is a restaurant that serves food and drinks to guests. In summary, a great place for a picnic. This park offers a breathtaking view of the setting sun.

Obviously, the busiest times to visit Lake View Park in Islamabad are on weekends and during school breaks. There’s also a sizable festival arena available on the premises. It is the federal capital’s site for cultural and musical activities held all year long.

All ages can find entertainment in this park. Depending on their age, they can acquire anything of interest. Kids can enjoy swings, slides, several electronic rides that need payment, and Pakistan’s largest aviary.

At one of Islamabad’s best picnic locations, it’s also a great place for kids to play in the green playland area, go boating (though sometimes it’s not possible during the rainy season), ride horses, and engage in a range of other activities.

The F1 Track, a 5D Motion ride, a mini golf course, a paintball arena, fishing, and boating are available for younger visitors. This is a place where friends and family may hang out all day. The capital’s lush, green lawns provide plenty of space to sit and take in the sunset.

Main Attractions of Lake View Park

This park’s main attractions include:

  • Sun Set Terrace
  • Lush green gardens with beautiful landscape
  •  Golf carts and passenger road train
  •  Pakistan’s largest aviary
  •  5D Motion Ride at F1 TRAXX
  •  Paintball arena at Battlefield Islamabad
  •  ATV riding              
  •  Swings
  •  Jumping castle      
  •  Rock climbing at Ibex Club
  •  Refreshment centers and snack bars
  •  Fishing and boating and swimming pool facility
  •  Mini Golf facility at Battlefield Islamabad

Refreshments at the Lake View Park

Tourist Families usually bring refreshments with them to enjoy at the park with family lunch. park has a variety of refreshment centers scattered in the park as well. This thing allows the tourists to enjoy the different street foods and delicious traditional cuisines.

The famous food point is “Dera”. It is famous among available food points due to its delectable food which lures tourists. Engineers Spicy and Rajpoot Brothers are also good names for food. Furthermore, there are many street foods available on small stalls to accommodate your refreshment needs. About 25 firewood BBQ hearths with sinks are also located on the right side of Lake View Park in a well-designed BBQ area.

Timings of the Park

Lake View Park is open from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM every day. One of the largest parks in the nation’s capital, it is accessible every day of the week.

Entry Fee and Car Parking

Entry Fee.  Free

Parking Fee. Free

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